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Why Redesign Your Website: New Trends in Website Design

Redesigning your website may have many objectives. Ukraine web developers consider that attracting new visitors, applying a new marketing strategy, or amending certain functions on your site may be some of the reasons to improve your website.


Nevertheless, while a successful implementation of new features and layout on the website may draw more users, an unskilful redesign may cause a back reaction. You will fail not only to draw more traffic to your site but may also lose part of your current audience.


Your old customers may find it uneasy to get accustomed to a new design. If it becomes too complicated, not corresponding to its previous goals, they may prefer to go to other sites. That’s why you should implement changes very thoughtfully. For example, think about leaving the old layout and simply adding new useful features.


To find out what your website lacks, conduct a deep analysis to see how much time has passed since your last design update. One of the options for the design audit is using Google Analytics that will provide detailed information about traffic changes, most visited pages, landing pages and an average time a user spends on your site. Another option is communicating with your customers by directly asking your subscribers about in an email. Thus, before the redesign, you will already know what changes should be implemented.


The primary task of redesigning a website is to draw attention of more visitors by adding new features and improving the content and to optimize the look of the website for mobile devices. However, remember that people prefer to use things that look and feel familiar to them. Even little changes, like the color of your layout, may keep off some users from visiting your website again or making a purchase.


If you want to retain the interest and loyalty of your customers, your website interface should constantly evolve but such changes must bring value to your users. A good solution may be adding notifications, allowing customers to leave comments and sharing information about your brand and offers via social networks.


New demands for a website design

Another reason to redesign your website can be upgrading it to meet the latest business promotion trends. Today, even religious institutions which were considered as hard traditionalists feel they have to adjust to a fast-changing world. For example, pastors actively use their accounts on Facebook. For the rest of the users, internet technologies have already become part of their lives and they are constantly looking for more convenience. If you don’t want to be left behind, always be ready for changes.


Below, we will describe some of the key design features that may be important for a modern user and which you can implement on your website.


Shares. Based on a survey held by an analytical agency “Statista,” more than 2 billion people have accounts on Facebook and 1,5 billion have accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s a huge audience that has to be taken into account. A good option would be to add buttons that enable sharing of content from your website to the most popular social networks. This way, your audience will help you spread the useful content among their friends and will promote your brand’s name.


Mobile optimization. It is one of the most important upgrades. Spreading of mobile devices made it possible to enter the internet on the go, not using a computer or laptop. Websites without adaptation of their text and graphics for mobile devices aren’t very popular among mobile users. Moreover, a mobile unfriendly site may lose its top search positions and new users won’t be able to discover it on Google.


Voice search. Typing text takes more time than voice search and is not convenient when you are on the go. That’s why you might consider implementing voice search together with typing.


Speed solutions. Some websites can be really slow at loading content. So, a lot of people won’t wait, leave the site and search for a faster one. A new technology which is called PWA (Progressive Web Apps) may be a solution to you.


Blog. Adding a blog to your website will serve as an additional marketing tool for building your brand’s reputation. By sharing an expert information, you will establish trust with your audience. Combining it with other tools like ads, special offers etc. you’ll be able to draw new clients.


Notifications. For registered users, you may consider implementing a news subscription form. Keeping your visitors and clients updated will help bring them back to your website in search of new information and maintain their interest in the products or services of your brand.


This is not a complete list of features you may implement while redesigning your website. However, their implementation will attract more visitors to your website.


Sound solutions give better results


Developing and designing your own website from scratch is a tricky task that demands knowledge and creativity. Redesigning a website demands analysis of its current state and implementation of new options without making harm to it. Your decisions on site redesign must be sound and meet the needs of today’s world.